Floor Sanding

Professional floor sanding service

Professional Floor Sanding Service

Focus Flooring are the UK's leading floor sanding and wood floor restoration company. Based from our London and Brighton offices we carry out floor sanding throughout the UK in both domestic and commercial settings.

Sanding wooden floors is a great way to add value and style to your property, whether it be for your home or for your business premises.
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Focus Flooring use the new technology Dust Free Sanders which are professional floor sanding machines, not cheap DIY versions. 

Our floor sanding operatives also use a variety of other professional floor sanding machinery such as edgers, orbitals, buffing machines and corner sanders which ensure that the sanding of hardwood floors is carried out correctly.

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The floor sanding process

The Floor Sanding Process

The process for sanding wooden floors removes any previous floor finishes such as old yellowing lacquer, wax, oil, or stain. It can also remove paint and black bitumen which is sometimes painted around the edges of rooms.

Before the floor sanding process, minor repairs are carried out, fixing down boards, filling minor holes and cracked boards as part of the restoration process. Click here for more about wood floor restoration.

Our floor sanding teams work through a series of abrasives, starting with a harsh abrasive and working through to a fine abrasive to create a smooth finish. If this process is not carried out carefully and with expert precision all sorts of problems can occur.

Please don't attempt sanding hardwood floors as a DIY project, it is a specialist trade and takes experience to gain a perfect finish. Beware of companies that take on sanding wood floors as an add on service or are inexperienced, you will probably find that the finish will be far less than perfect. See our recent article of What can go wrong with floor sanding for more information.

During the floor sanding process, if needed/requested we would also carry out Mass Filling, which is filling every gap between every board with a resin, which is mixed with the clean dust from the finer sanding process. Click here for more information on Gap filling.

Once we have carried out the floor sanding your wooden floor will be finished with seal to add protection to your floor. Click here to find more about Wooden floor finishes

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